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Thiago de Lucena


I am a passionate teacher committed to making Economics relatable and accessible to all students. Over the last few years at the University of California, I've had the privilege to instruct one of the most diverse student bodies in the world. Courses and Overall Teaching Evaluations are listed below:

At the University of California, Davis:

As Instructor: (OTE* = 4.6/5)  Syllabus    

ECN100A: Intermediate Microeconomics (Summer, 2021) 

As Teaching Assistant: (OTE = 4.1/5)

MGT11B: Elementary Accounting (Summer, 2021)

MGT11A: Elementary Accounting (Summer, 2021)

ECN001A: Princ Of Microeconomics (Spring, 2021)

ECN001B: Princ Of Macroeconomics (Winter, 2021)

ECN112: Economic History (Fall, 2020)

MGT11B: Elementary Accounting (Summer, 2020)

MGT11A: Elementary Accounting (Summer, 2020)

ECN001A: Princ Of Microeconomics (Spring, 2020)

ECN001B: Princ Of Macroeconomics (Winter, 2020)

ECN001A: Princ Of Microeconomics (Fall, 2019)

ECN101: Intermediate Macroeconomics (Spring, 2019)

ECN001B: Princ Of Macroecon (Winter, 2019)

ECN190: Development Economics (Fall, 2018)

ECN101: Intermediate Macroeconomics (Summer, 2018)

ECN102: Analysis of Econ Data (Spring, 2018)

ECN130: Public Economics (Winter, 2018)

ECN100A: Intermediate Microeconomics (Fall, 2017)

ECN171: Economies of East Asia (Spring, 2017)

ECN101: Intermediate Macroeconomics (Winter, 2017)

ECN100: Intermediate Microeconomics (Fall, 2016)


*Average Overall Teaching Effectiveness for Instructors at UCD = 4.058

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